Curatorview [Alfredo Cramerotti]

Italo Calvino – Six Memos for the [Present] Millennium / 1NYC

Posted in shortEssays/cortiSaggi [English/Italian] by Curatorview on August 21, 2010

Video, sound essay based on the book “American Lectures” by Italo Calvino, 10 min.

In 1984, he was invited to deliver a cycle of lectures at Harvard University in the United States. The writer elected five themes: lightness, rapidity, exactitude, multiplicity and consistency. Calvino has written the first five, but died before the completion of the last. The conferences never took place, but the texts were collected in a book that serves as an important inheritance to the newly born millennium. My thanks to Gian Zelada of, who has inspired this work.

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