Curatorview [Alfredo Cramerotti]

5 Things about this space


1. You can share, copy and pass any information you find here (please note that some content is not mine, but gently borrowed – always giving the source reference).

2. You’ll find news, releases, essays, thoughts and tools. It’s like an architecture of life, which I am constantly shifting and inhabiting.

3. This space is like a thinking pad, resource index or planning tool for what you’re doing. You may read a bit, come and go at pleasure, ask questions, do what needs to be done; then will happen what can happen.

4. I’m always trying to be honest with myself, but hey! I’m human. I simply do my way, since only that is accessible. In time, it became clear to me that personal choices, experience, and skills should work together, if I had to achieve something.  It’s just a matter to put things in the right sequence, or scatter them further but in a way that it may make sense (a posteriori, that is).

5. Perhaps one guiding principle is to act consciously, rather than thinking to act. Choosing a path and following it. Maybe choosing more than one. Change needs both focus and flexibility, which are not – in my view – contradictory terms.

A few things about myself under ‘And 2 about its author’ page.

I’d consider a mutual favour if you subscribe to the RSS feed of this blog (menu on the top right or in the address bar). You get the latest of my writings and news, and I’d get to find you when I’ve got something neat and nice to share. (Thanks Seth for the inspiration.)

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