Curatorview [Alfredo Cramerotti]

And 2 about its author

Colectivo CPS_ Alfredo Cramerotti_solo3A cartography of personal and/or unknown territories which I occupy by interest, passion or chance  // Una cartografia di territori personali e/ sconosciuti, dove mi trovo per interesse, passione o caso

Some bio notes:

Director, MOSTYN | Wales’ leading visual arts centre, UK, 2011-present; Head Curator, APT Global, 2009-present; Editor, Critical Photography series Intellect Books, Bristol, UK and Chicago, USA, 2009-present.

Previously Co-curator Pavilions of Mauritius (2015), Maldives and Wales (2013) at the 55th & 56th Venice Biennial, Italy; Curator, EXPO VIDEO Chicago, 2015; Artistic Director, Sequences VII Reykjavik, Iceland, 2015; Senior Curator, QUAD, Derby’s Art, Media and Film centre, UK, 2008-11; Co-curator, Manifesta 8, European Biennial of Contemporary Art Region of Murcia, Spain, 2010. Co-founder and -director of itinerant curatorial agencies AGM Culture and CPS Chamber of Public Secrets. Visiting Lecturer in numerous European and American universities.

Auhtored publications include the books Aesthetic Journalism: How to Inform without Informing (2009), Unmapping the City: Perspective of Flatness (2010),  and Forewords (forthcoming, 2017). Free downloadable texts, images and videos from


Telephone:  +44 (0)7941 470145

Skype and Messenger: alcramer (Alfredo Cramerotti)

Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest: intemporaryart


Have a nice journey  // Buon viaggio


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