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Acts of Appearance – Photographic Exhibition launch and talk at MutalArt / APT HQ, London, UK

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  • Wednesday 26 April 2017, 6pm

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Alfredo Cramerotti: Hyperimaging! European Centre for Photography Research, University of South Wales, Cardiff, UK

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  • Wednesday 26 April 2017, 2pm

Presentation of the “Hyperimage” body of research concept in relation to the concept of the forthcoming exhibition at the National Gallery of Kosovo, Prishtina, October 2017.

Screen Shot 2017-04-24 at 8.24.09 PM

Image from

We refer to images, or the act of creating images, to act socially, politically and even privately. As a consequence of the digital age of photography, the way we are involved in image making is continuous: we can confer it a specific professional or artistic function, or embed it in they way we shape our existence.

When digital images are imposing themselves as a visual translation of the self, the understanding of photography is striving to go away from standard representational practices. Images compose a visual timeline, comparable to a textual linear narrative, where the grammar is made of our shopping lists, chats, social media’s comments or work emails.

Although these images are not coherent when considered together and are produced for different reasons, they become knowledge ‘chunks’ that visually translate different contexts into what we wish others to think of us. They can therefore be understood as a pictorial alphabet, where the possibilities of communicating are infinite and universal, freed from constraints related to textual translation. The result is a flow of visual forms and meanings that are interchangeable, independently from the situations in which they were generated and consumed.


The exhibition is conceived as a chapter from the larger Hyperimage research led by Alfredo Cramerotti, Curator of the 2017 Gjon Mili Biennial & Award. It draws on further research by Hannah Conroy and Valentina Bonizzi, Curatorial Consultants. The exhibition is accompanied by a catalogue with an expanded critical text written by Alfredo Cramerotti, Hannah Conroy and Valentina Bonizzi.


Curating and Social Change: Talks and workshops by Alfredo Cramerotti at British Council Hong Kong and Connecting Spaces / University of Zurich Hong Kong

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  • Wednesday 29 March 2017, 10am

BRITISH COUNCIL Arts & Creative Industries Team

Boardroom, 7F, British Council, 3 Supreme Court Road, Admiralty, Hong Kong

Alfredo Cramerotti will give a presentation of MOSTYN’s artistic programme approach for / as social change, and of other relevant curatorial projects. Examples include co-curating the Maldives Pavilion at the 55th Venice Biennial, 2015 (centred on climate change, sustainable development and the anthropocene concept applied to everyday life), and co-curating Manifesta 8 the European contemporary art biennial, Region of Murcia, Spain, 2010 (centred on artistic production through mass media outlets i.e. TV, radio, Internet, newspapers, in order to facilitate a ‘perception shift’ of what and how art can occupy different types of space and effect social impact / change).

  • Wednesday 29 March 2017, 3pm

Connecting Space Hong Kong / Zurich University of the Arts, Postgraduate Programme in Curating / Bootes Ltd

Fort Street 18-20, Wah Kin Mansion, North Point, Hong Kong

Alfredo Cramerotti will give a presentation of MOSTYN’s institutional approach for curating at the International Curatorial Workshop “Curating and Social Change” organised by the University of Zurich in partnership with Connecting Space Hong Kong, Bootes Ltd, and the Postgraduate Programme in Curating, Center of Further Education, Zurich University of the Arts. The talk will focus on the work done in MOSTYN for the audience development initiative – the History Series.  The starting point was an exploration of the connections between contemporary art and the history of the building and of the town of Llandudno; turning the usual curatorial process of creating exhibitions on its head, MOSTYN invited its audience to actively provide their stories behind the former uses of the building and its changing status over the course of the 20th Century. The aim of the project was not to come out with exhibitions and educational programmes that were “good for them” but to actually listen to the local environment and then create exhibitions and learning activities with in-built social relevance through the work of contemporary artists.

The overall focus of the visit to Hong Kong is on how arts can create social impact / social change, using findings and insights gathered from meetings the local institutions and their relevant counterparts:
– Mapping the current curatorial practices in the UK compared to what one can observe from meetings and visits in Hong Kong
– Opportunities and challenges in Hong Kong in relation to applying contemporary arts to achieve social change / impact
– Evaluation, Measurement and Impact role when making arts and / or sustain social change / impact , both in the UK and in Hong Kong.


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Dave Muller, This American’s Top 40 (2012) Part I, 2013. Acrylic on paper.
Trwy garedigrwydd yr artist a ‘The Approach’, London. Courtesy the artist and The Approach, London.


18 February25 June 2017

Participating artists: Zarouhie Abdalian, Saâdane Afif, Cory Arcangel, John Baldessari, Simeon Barclay, Alex Bartsch, Jacqueline Bebb, Andrea Büttner, Anne Collier, Claire Fontaine, Mario García Torres, Charles Gershom, Rebecca Gould, Gareth Griffith, Scott King, Adam McEwen, Dave Muller, Fernando Ortega, Hannah Rickards, Torbjørn Rødland, Anri Sala, Fabrice Samyn, Santo Tolone
Historical presentations relating to Wagstaff’s store and the town of Llandudno

WAGSTAFF’S takes as its point of departure a piano and musical instrument dealership of the same name that occupied the current MOSTYN building in the years prior to its being reinstated as an art gallery in the 1970s.

Originally based in Manchester, Wagstaff’s relocated to number 1 Vaughan Street in Llandudno in the early 1940s after the city store was demolished during World War II, and in 1946 it moved to number 12, site of MOSTYN, Wales today. The establishment of music shops such as Wagstaff’s in the late 19th century reflected the high regard in which music was held in terms of entertainment inside and outside the family home. Many of these shops have now gone out of business due to changes in both technology and family leisure pursuits.

WAGSTAFF’S considers the long-standing connection between music and art, and records an interpretation from today’s perspective. A number of the artists featured in the exhibition have previously appeared together in shows which have surveyed the linkage between the genre of music and the field of art. In this sense, the exhibition suggests some of music’s most embraced and debated facets; the cover version, the copy, and the culture of bootlegging.

The exhibition is presented within a format made up of four categories, taking inspiration from independent music record shops, which would categorise music by genre and which, along with musical instrument shops, have decreased in number. The categories are designed to give structure to the wide array of approaches and usages of music in the visual arts, many of which are presented in the exhibition. The format also allows opportunities for overlaps and mixes to be played out between the categories, and the artworks presented within.

This exhibition is part of MOSTYN’s History Series* which, since 2013, has examined the heritage of MOSTYN’s building, the town of Llandudno and links further afield. The series has presented historical artefacts and images alongside works by contemporary artists, thus forming a dialogue between past and present. This exhibition is curated by Adam Carr, (Visual Arts Programme Curator, MOSTYN), with historical research by Jane Matthews (Engagement Manager/Research, MOSTYN) and Richard Cynan Jones (Operations and Facitilies/Research, MOSTYN).

Special Event:

WAGSTAFF’S Exhibition preview evening

A night of live music and contemporary art
17 February 2017, 6:30pm

Join us to celebrate the opening of WAGSTAFF’S, a new group exhibition based on the piano and musical instrument shop which occupied the MOSTYN building from the 1940s to the early 1980s.

Music, in partnership with CEG, from Magi Tudur (Welsh singer/songwriter) and Paul Green (contemporary folk singer/songwriter/guitarist) in our licensed bar and cafe.

It’s FREE and everyone is welcome!
After show event, with surprise guest entertainment, at 3rdSpace at Great Orme Brewery, Llandudno from 9pm.

MOSTYN OPEN 20 – Call for Submissions. PRIZE £10,000

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Call for submissions for the 20th anniversary edition of the MOSTYN Open contemporary art exhibition, to be shown from July 2017.

Deadline for Registration: 24th February 2017

Visit for full details, and to download the registration form.
Please ensure you read the Terms & Conditions fully before registering.

Open 20 Prize: £10,000
Audience Award: £1,000

Lydia Yee, Chief Curator, Whitechapel Gallery, London
Chus Martínez, Curator and Head of the Institute of Art, FHNW Academy of Arts and Design, Basel
Alfredo Cramerotti, Director, MOSTYN
Adam Carr, Visual Arts Programme Curator, MOSTYN
And of course, the visiting public for the ‘Audience Award’.

Alfredo Cramerotti’s Lecture at KONSTFACK Stockholm. Aesthetic Journalism: the uncertain domains of information, communication and aesthetics

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Alfredo Cramerotti
Aesthetic Journalism: the uncertain domains of information, communication and aesthetics

Friday 3 February 2017, 13:00

Konstfack Research Week 2017, 30 January – 3 February
Konstfack, 126 27 Stockholm


Aesthetic Journalism is not about delivering information; “journalistic art” is preoccupied with this, and I am not preoccupied with the artist-as-journalist. What I care about – seeing it from a certain distance – is a cultural practice that weaves together the criteria of journalism and art, questioning and possibly reversing the tradition of both fields. An activity – either produced by artists or journalists or technologists – that queries the realm of fiction as the site of imagination, and that of journalism as a site for reality. This brings me to issue an invitation to embrace a notion of information, communication and aesthetics which includes the artistic treatment of reality; because ultimately, we start to get closer to the core of the matter (ourselves included) when we make our reality not a given, irreversible fact, but a possibility among many others.
Konstfack Research Week is an annual event highlighting and discussing research practices at Konstfack and research perspectives related to Art, Craft, Design, Interior Architecture, Visual Communication and Visual Studies and Art Education, in Sweden and internationally.

The programme includes presentations of on-going research at Konstfack as well as related perspectives from invited Swedish and international guests. It combines presentations, lectures discussions and workshops and targets Master and PhD students, researchers and faculty members at Konstfack, as well as a wider public interested in these issues.

Konstfack Research Week is organized through Konstfack Board of Education and Research (UFN) and coordinated by Magnus Ericson.

MOSTYN Open 20 Call for submissions is now OPEN!

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MOSTYN Open 20

Call for submissions


MOSTYN, Wales UK is delighted to announce the call for submissions for the 20th anniversary edition of the MOSTYN Open contemporary art exhibition, to be shown from July 2017.

Since its inception in 1989, the MOSTYN Open has nurtured and presented the talent of established and emergent contemporary artists internationally. The exhibition of selected works takes place at MOSTYN, with a Prize of £10,000 awarded to a single artist or collective. In addition, the ‘Audience Award’ grants a prize of £1000 to those who receive the most votes from visitors during the exhibition.

The selectors for MOSTYN Open 20 are: Lydia Yee, Chief Curator, Whitechapel Gallery, London; Chus Martínez, Curator and Head of the Institute of Art, FHNW Academy of Arts and Design, Basel; Alfredo Cramerotti, Director, MOSTYN; Adam Carr, Visual Arts Programme Curator, MOSTYN. And of course, the visiting public for the ‘Audience Award’.


6th January 2017 – MOSTYN Open 20 call opening date

24th February 2017 – Deadline for payment of £25 entry fee and receipt of completed registration form. Please ensure you read the Terms & Conditions fully before registering. Once payment and registration form have been received by MOSTYN you will be sent a submission form. You will also be sent a registration number which you should include on all correspondence.

3rd March 2017 – Closing date for submission form together with images of artwork by email. Please ensure you read the Terms & Conditions referring to submission of works.

26th – 30th June 2017 – Sending in artwork on successful selection

8th July – 5th November 2017 – exhibition dates

Registration Form
Terms and Conditions

Download and save a blank copy of the registration form to your computer by clicking on the link above; open the form from its saved location on the computer, enter your details, then save changes before sending us this completed version (NOTE: if your browser opens the form in another window instead of downloading it to your computer, please do not enter your details into the form yet as they will not be saved: click on the save/download icon in the new window to save the blank form to your computer first).

Job Opportunity: Digital Curator of Media and Content

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Job Opportunity at MOSTYN: Digital Curator of Media and Content

Applicants are invited for an MPhil/PhD studentship, co-funded by MOSTYN and the ‘School of Creative Arts’ Research Centre at Wrexham Glyndŵr University.

MartinLyons _0315_coloured_0

The MPhil/PhD studentship is designed to investigate and identify the existing digital content and design a methodology for construction of new platforms for the development and curation of future digital outputs.

This research will build upon MOSTYN’s existing digital footprint and the evidence based currently available from its programme of activities in order to reshape perception and understanding.

The successful applicant will also assist academic staff in providing a high quality student experience and support for students. As such the successful candidate will be both a student and employee of the University.

The MPhil/PhD is funded 80% FTE for 3 years, FT fees and 20% FTE GTA (I day/week) salary made available by the University and MOSTYN.

The aim of the project is to:

  • identify ways in which digital technology is transcending conventional structures of programming, display and engagement re-assess approaches to the digital e.g. as an ‘add on’, making it instead the core of the institution’s operations and programmes. identify the impact on the way the gallery institution and audiences are adapting to the above phenomena
  • develop an understanding of existing digital content from the institution’s perspective and an audience perspective
  • implement a digital programme strand of activities and experiments e.g. initiating digital residencies for artists and technologists
  • establish the foundation of a searchable digital archive and resource to serve as a basis for future research
  • integrate relations and evidence audience engagement/reaction

The project will provide training in all relevant aspects of the research process.

For further information about the project, download the full information here or contact Professor Alec Shepley

Closing date for applications: 20th December 2016

Faces of John Berger: Symposium

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AICAUK, BIMI, and The Derek Jarman Lab present
Faces of John Berger

11th & 12th November 2016

Birkbeck Institute for the Moving Image, Birkbeck Cinema, 43 Gordon Square, London WC1H 0PD – UK

A celebration of John Berger on screen and page, on the occasion of his 90th birthday.
Screening: The Seasons in Quincy: Four Portraits of John Berger (UK, 2016)
Friday 11th November, 6pm, Birkbeck Cinema

A series of essay films on Berger’s thought and his life in the French Alps, produced by
the Derek Jarman Lab at Birkbeck and directed by Colin MacCabe, Christopher Roth,
Bartek Dziadosz and Tilda Swinton (duration: 89 minutes).
Symposium: Faces of John Berger
Saturday 12th November, 11am–5pm, Birkbeck Cinema

This event revisits aspects of Berger’s work and celebrates his influence on generations
of writers, artists and critics. The day will explore four aspects of the author’s prolific output, unravelling its intellectual and practical mechanisms over six decades of cultural production.

Rare films and excerpts from Berger’s early TV work accompany discussions of Berger as
broadcaster, as activist, as artist and as art critic. With Lisa Appignanesi, John Christie,
Jonathan Conlin, Mike Dibb, Chris Fite-Wassilak, Yasmin Gunaratnam, Gill Hedley,
Lynda Nead, Tom Overton, Griselda Pollock, Greg Salter and John Wyver.

Organised by Lily Ford, Derek Jarman Lab, Birkbeck, University of London, and Alfredo Cramerotti, MOSTYN & AICAUK

NEW SEASON AT MOSTYN: Laurence Kavanagh, Mladen Bizumic, We’ve Got Mail III, and Ian Perry

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Launch of MOSTYN’s new season of exhibitions –
Friday 21 October 2016 – 6.30pm onwards

Laurence Kavanagh
22/10/16 – 05/02/17
Supported by Marlborough Contemporary and APT (Artist Pension Trust)

laurence-kavanagh-october-2015-installation-october-gallery-north-newcastle-2015-work-realised-as-part-of-the-warwick-stafford-fellowship-at-baltic-39Laurence Kavanagh, October, 2015. Installation ‘October’, Gallery North, Newcastle. 2015. Work realised as part of the Warwick Stafford Fellowship at Baltic 39

Mladen Bizumic
Kodak Employed 140,000 People. Instagram 13.
22/10/16 – 05/02/17
With kind support from: Creative New Zealand, The Arts and Culture Division of the Federal Chancellery of Austria, and Georg Kargl Fine Arts, Vienna

mladen-bizumic-one-second-after-the-digital-turn-2003-2016-drwy-garedigrwydd-yr-artist-ac-courtesy-the-artist-and-georg-kargl-fine-arts-viennaMladen Bizumic, One Second After the Digital Turn, 2003-2016. Drwy garedigrwydd yr artist ac / Courtesy the artist and Georg Kargl Fine Arts, Vienna

We’ve Got Mail III
22/10/16 – 05/02/17

weve-got-mail-iiiImages courtesy of Karlyn Goulborn, Kath Smith

Iain Perry (Print Garage)
Pixels, Poetry and Pop Culture
22/10/16 – 29/01/17

pixels-poetry-and-pop-culture                        Ian Perry: Pixels, Poetry and Pop Culture
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