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Conference “Transitions: from Contemporary to Digital, and Back Again” by Alfredo Cramerotti and Auronda Scalera at the National Museum of Art Timisoara for the Official Opening of Art Encounters Biennial 2023

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Alfredo Cramerotti x CIMAM webinar: Art & Advanced Technologies (AxAT) – 27.04.2023, 11am BST / 12pm CEST

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We are pleased to announce the upcoming webinar, Art & Advanced Technologies (AxAT) in museums programming: an overview of possible paths and possibilities on Thursday 27 April at 12:00 pm CEST.

This session will offer a focus on technologies such as NFT/crypto and museums beyond monetary speculation and fundraising i.e. the role of NFTs in cultural institutions and the implications and impact on museum practices, offering new points of view from museums, researchers, and artists.

Invited Speakers

  • Diane Drubay, Founder, We Are Museums, Berlin, Germany
  • Frances Liddell, Researcher, writer, advisor, and lecturer working at the intersection of museum practice and web3 technologies, Manchester, UK
  • Marcella Lista, Curator, Head of the New Media Collection, Centre Pompidou, Paris, France
  • Tamar Clarke-Brown, Arts Technologies Commission Producer, Serpentine Galleries, London, UK

Organised and moderated by CIMAM member, Alfredo Cramerotti, Director, MOSTYN, Llandudno, UK. 

Yu Jin SENG, Deputy Director (Curatorial & Research), National Gallery Singapore, will represent the CIMAM Board and accompany the invited speakers and the moderator during the session.

About the webinar series:

CIMAM 2023 Rapid Response Webinars are made possible with the support from the Getty Foundation through its Connecting Professionals/Sharing Expertise initiative.

→ Check the full calendar and register here: Webinars’ Program 2023

Talk on the Art Stage at #NFTNYC2023 in New York City about “Commissioning and Collecting Contemporary Art NFTs”

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Speaking and moderating as @curatorview and @mostyngallery on Weds 12th April, 4.30pm with Auronda Scalera @aurondascalera and Peter Hamilton @PeterHamilton on the Art Stage at #NFTNYC2023 about “Commissioning and Collecting Contemporary Art NFTs”

Taking as case studies IAM Infinity Art Museum (blockchain-based) and Seattle NFT Museum (venue-based), I will discuss the approach to the respective projects and how artists relevance in the cultural space at large is imprinted via these new ways of commissioning and collecting art for future generations.

Topics touched upon during the talk include the making of the Seattle NFT Museum & IAM Infinity Art Museum, recent standout artist projects, curating from different perspectives, commissioning projects in the NFT space, and questions about the art market: how should curators, gallerists, and marketplaces tackle some of the challenges in the digital space such as technical, trust, inequality and other issues?

Alfredo Cramerotti speaking at the Inaugural Evidence Session of the UK Government All-Party Parliamentary Group on metaverse, web3, arts & culture at the House of Lords

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Today we’re making history indeed as they say!

Honoured to be a witness expert called in for the inaugural Evidence Session of the UK Government All-Party Parliamentary Group on metaverse, web3, arts & culture at the House of Lords.

An incredibly focused session, with key questions asked to the experts invited. A thought-provoking meeting, which will help the UK Government’s direction on arts & advanced technologies. Respect to #baronessuddin and #afaghmulazadeh for conceiving this initiative.

As curators working at the crossroad of contemporary and digital arts – contributing to merging the two – we indicated the main opportunities that lie ahead for the sector:

1) Fostering inclusion, diversity, equity, and access to the art. Not only for the audiences but also for the practitioners who can now create, distribute and sell their works directly to collectors and institution worldwide. And that is important for sustaining creative careers no matter background of geography.

2) Opportunity for cultural organisations to engage with new generations of audiences through broadening their remit – offering a wide range of cultural projects both irl and online in order to nurture the future patrons of the arts.
To achieve this, museums and galleries of the future must build in-house expertise and capacity and this calls for partnership with tech enterprises. Culture organisations and tech businesses must come together.

3) The environmental sostenibility of this merging between contemporary art and digital art allows producers, artists, institutions, the art market itself and its audiences to interact with each other for a fraction of the carbon footprint of the same exchanges irl. Engaging in a meaningful way and enjoying the experience of art is now more sustainable in terms of climate justice.

Digital art is not a replacement of irl experience but it’s a meaningful expansion of it. As curators, we are here to make this possible and to help artists, art institutions and creative businesses to achieve this.

Call it the arts & advanced technologies manifesto if you like.

Mostyn new exhibition season – Stefan Brüggemann: Not Black, Not White, Silver – 18th March to 17 June 2023

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Photo credit: Stefan Brüggemann, ERODED PAINTING (HOT ICE)(detail), 2022. Spray paint on marble. © Stefan Brüggemann. Courtesy the artist and Hauser & Wirth. Photo: Damian Griffiths.

18 March to 17 June 2023

To open 2023, Mostyn is proud to present the first UK institutional solo exhibition by Mexican-German artist Stefan Brüggemann (b. 1975, Mexico City). Defying categorisation in the methodology of his art, its message as well as his own artistic and cultural identity, NOT presents the grey area in between seen across the artist’s work from the last 20 years. Brüggemann’s approach to art making often explores the provocative and ironic, reflecting on the paradoxes of contemporary society using language and carefully chosen materials. The exhibition takes place from 18 March to 14 May 2023 and is curated by Alfredo Cramerotti, Director, Mostyn withcKalliopi Tsipni-Kolaza, Associate Curator of Visual Arts, Mostyn.

Defying categorisation in the methodology of his art, its message as well as his own artistic and cultural identity, NOT BLACK, NOT WHITE, SILVER presents the grey area in between seen across the artist’s work from the last 20 years. Brüggemann’s approach to art making often explores the provocative and ironic, reflecting on the paradoxes of contemporary society using language and carefully chosen materials.

Upon entry into the first gallery, the central hanging artwork from 2019, Headlines and Last Lines in the Movies (Guernica), commands attention. Of the scale of Picasso’s wartime masterpiece Guernica, Brüggemann’s reflective piece (from a series ongoing since 2010) overlays contemporary headlines with final lines from historically important dramatic films to create a cacophonous surface, here spraypainted in red, white and blue. At once billboard, at once mirror, the work occupies the space between high culture and everyday, between collectivity and individuality. The overload of information in the 21st century and the subsequent breakdown of meaning depicted in the aesthetic of street protest also figure into works on canvas and marble from the ERODED PAINTING series (2022), recording headlines around climate change on top of the artist’s own text reflecting on eroding landscape both physical and mental.

With superimposed texts and spray paint rendered in black, the plywood wall Hyper-Palimpsest (2019) in the last gallery further challenges legibility and interpretation. Creating a monochromatic palimpsest, texts by the artist in removed vinyl lettering are obscured with black spray-painted Headlines and Last Lines, further complicated with an audio recording of Iggy Pop reading the artist’s entire catalogue of text statements. In the same room with a more sparing gesture that equally tests the viewer, the neon works I can’t explain and I won’t even try (2003) as well as This work is realised when it is destroyed (2014), both confront the idea of meaning and art with a marked absence. 

In the central room, a site-specific series of 10 fly posted works on paper, hi-speed contrast (2018), bring aesthetics of the street into the gallery. Playing with the scale and reproduction of digitization, Brüggemann’s work combines the speed and plasticity of the digital with the intervention of gesture, blurring the line between human agency and digital erasure. 

Like the Guernica-scaled work in the first room where Brüggemann plays with reassessment of 20th century art in a contemporary framework, Trash Mirror Boxes (after MV) (2016) explicitly references the seminal Trash (1991) edition by Venezuelan conceptual artist Meyer Vaisman. Made into reflective mirror boxes, Brüggemann reverses inner and outer – the unreachable content of the “boxes” is denoted on the outside in a cursory note in the artist’s hand and multiplied into a grid layout; the installation becomes a reflective unattainable pool for the viewer to consider. Facing hi-speed contrast, Brüggemann’s Untitled (Joke and Definition Paintings) (2011) comes from a series which questions high and low art. He appropriates Joseph Kosuth’s series Art as Ideas (1966) and Richard Prince Joke Paintings (1985) – themselves appropriations of language – and combines the sober dictionary definitions with arcane jokes in a single canvas. Brüggemann removes his own hand with conceptual restraint in order to create a layered space of doubt between the two texts. 

In creating spaces of doubt connected to contemporary life, Brüggemann invites the viewer into his work. While layering of texts challenge legibility, it also allows for multiple possibility.  

About the Artist

Born in Mexico City and working between Mexico, London and Ibiza, Stefan Brüggemann’s oeuvre is characterized by an ironic conflation of Conceptualism and Minimalism. In this way, Brüggemann’s practice sits outside the canon of the conceptual artists practicing in the 1960s and 1970s, who sought dematerialisation and rejected the commercialisation of art. Instead his aesthetic is refined and luxurious, whilst maintaining a punk attitude. Spanning—and sometimes combining—sculpture, video, painting, and drawing, Brüggemann’s work deploys text in conceptual installations rich with acerbic social critique and a post pop aesthetic. 

Texts about Brüggemann’s work have been written by Glenn O’Brien, Chris Kraus, Malcolm McClaren, and Mathieu Copeland. His work has been shown at the Centre Pompidou, Paris; Centro Galego de Arte Contemporánea, Santiago de Compostela; Museo Jumex, Mexico City; Collection Yvon Lambert, Avignon; and Bass Museum, Miami, and works by the artist can be found in the Albright-Knox Art Gallery, FRAC Bourgogne, Kunstmuseum Bern, Museo Tamayo, and Taguchi Art Collection.

About Mostyn

Mostyn is a free, public gallery in Llandudno, Wales, that presents a programme of outstanding international contemporary art within its galleries and online. This programme has recently included solo exhibitions by Cerith Wyn-Evans, Jacqueline de Jong, Nick Hornby, Chiara Camoni, Anj Smith, Nobuko Tsuchiya, Derek Boshier, Louisa Gagliardi and Shezad Dawood. Mostyn offers a public engagement programme including talks, tours and workshops, and supports over 400 artists through their onsite and online shop. Mostyn’s Director Dr Alfredo Cramerotti is also Co-Director of IAM Infinity Art Museum, Co-Founder of xxnft publishing platform and President of IKT–International Association of Curators of Contemporary Art amongst other international positions. Mostyn receives support from the Arts Council of Wales and is part of Plus TATE, the UK-wide contemporary visual art network. More information can be found at

Gli Stati Generali dell’Intelligenza Artificiale: Talk on ClassCNBC / Sky TV [Italian only]

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2 March 2023, 15:15 CET live streaming Sky 507 / in person Class Editori Studio Milano

Meta-experiences and dimensions for new ways of relating, interacting and engaging with the customer: Speaking on SKY TV at this international conference on AI, among other protagonists of advanced technologies & innovations: Artists, Oxford + Berkeley Professors, Curators, CEOs, Entrepreneurs.

Lectio Magistralis by the Physics Professor Mario Rasetti

@refikanadol Artist and designer

@Stuart Russell, Prof. Computer Science UC Berkeley 

@Mariarosaria Taddeo, Associate Professor and Senior Research Fellow – ICSS DPhil Programme Director Oxford Internet Institute, University of Oxford – Dstl Ethics Fellow | Alan Turing Institute, London

@Luciano Floridi, Professor of philosophy and ethics of information, Oxford University

Live on Sky 507

THE CONTEMPORARY IS DIGITAL ART, panel talk at Art In Space 360 Dubai

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Date: 26th February 2023, 4 PM – 4:45 PM

Moderator: Michaela Lallouz

Speakers:Auronda Scalera, Alfredo Cramerotti, Florencia SM Brück, Javier Krasuk

A fire-shooting conversation on the convergence of contemporary and digital art, based on 10 questions:

  1. What defines contemporary digital art, and how has it evolved over time?
  2. How does contemporary digital art challenge traditional notions of art and creativity, and what new opportunities does it present for artists?
  3. How has the rise of digital technology and social media impacted contemporary art, and how have artists adapted to these changes?
  4. What are some of the most significant contemporary digital art movements and styles, and what makes them unique?
  5. How can we better integrate contemporary digital art into mainstream art spaces, and what challenges do we face in doing so?
  6. How can we support emerging digital artists and provide them with the resources and opportunities they need to succeed?
  7. What role do institutions like museums and galleries play in promoting and showcasing contemporary digital art, and how can they better engage with audiences?
  8. How do contemporary digital artists navigate issues of copyright and intellectual property, and what challenges do they face in protecting their work?
  9. How does contemporary digital art reflect and comment on contemporary social and political issues, and what impact can it have on society?
  10. What do you see as the future of contemporary digital art, and how will it continue to evolve and shape the art world?

METAMORPHOSIS hybrid exhibition at Art In Space 360 Dubai & online – launch 24 February 2023

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A new digital arts curatorial project IRL & online in collaboration with in Dubai

METAMORPHOSIS – an exhibition organised by Alfredo Cramerotti @curatorview + Auronda Scalera @auronda, part of the biggest digital art festival in UAE, featuring @viktoriamodesta x @sage_morei @katie.mcintyre @florenciabruck @g.enesiskai

Join us at the BoulevArt Festival in Downtown Dubai from 24-26 Feb 2023 for a fusion of art and technology.

150+ artists that represent the digital generation – the best NFT collectors and curators called to build an unbelievable rich and dynamic digital art festival – @foundrydowntown @kalimat_artcorp join forces for a 3-day celebration of digital art and NFTs with over 30 galleries participating and 115 artists.

Multiplicity-XXNFT and IAM–Infinity Art Museum: NFTs, Crypto Art & the Metaverse | Talk by Alfredo Cramerotti + Auronda Scalera @ RENDR Creativity & Technology Festival

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Alfredo Cramerotti (@curatorview) + Auronda Scalera (@auronda), co-Directors of @infinityartmuseum speak at RENDR 2023, on curating exhibitions and working with contemporary artists bridging the ‘legacy art world’ of cultural institutions and #metaverse #web3 #NFTs #cryptoarts as well as the world of Art & Advanced Technologies (AxAT) in general.

From recent hybrid IRL/online exhibitions such as Mavericks: Warriors, Fighters and Badass Goddesses of the Verse and Metamorphosis to the curatorial & publishing platform Multiplicity-XXNFT and the blockchain-based IAM-Infinity Art Museum, they will tackle the future of art, film, gaming and media on February 23, 6:20pm in Belfast, NI, among 30+ creatives from Netflix, Pixar, Walt Disney Studios, George Lucas Film, and Epic Games.

Other speakers include Mike Reiss (creator of @thesimpsons), @erik.kessels (whom I fondly remember working with on a past edition of @formatfestival), Muki Kulhan (top 20 women in metaverse), Charmaine Chan (of the very @lucasfilm), Dorothy Di Stefano (founder of @moltenimmersiveart & curator of @noorriyadhfestival), @helenstills (yes indeed of #gamesofthrones) and other amazing minds.

IAM–Infinity Art Museum @infinityartmuseum is the first ever-evolving art museum in the Metaverse. It promotes art by connecting artists, curators, and collectors in a creative and immersive way.

NFT Artwork credits: Katie McIntyre
@katie.mcintyre 🙏🙏

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