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A Kind of Departure

Posted in nEws and rEleases by Curatorview on October 14, 2013

Bedwyr Williams’ 2013 Wales in Venice project featured on CCQ

Emmageliot's Blog

CCQ Issue 1Cover.pdf

Earlier on this year I decided that rather than bemoan the limited platforms for contemporary art in Wales I should get up off my sedentary bottom and do something about it. And so, with the help of two colleagues from blown magazine (which I was deputy editor for from 2009 until the final issue November 2012), and with a lot of other help and support from a staggering array of people, I give you CultureColony Quarterly Magazine (CCQ).

This is a new, independent perspective on the arts in Wales and folds in the many different genres and disciplines, because everything has a context. It is internationally facing, because so much of what happens in Wales resonates across the world and there are so many creative practitioners who either live here or collaborate with our artists that it would be foolish not to recognise the links and connections that send…

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