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OPEN CALL: International Curatorial School 2018 in Malta – Social Practices in Contemporary Art and Curating

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Curatorial School 2018: Social Practices in Contemporary Art and Curating

Monday 3rd September-Friday 7th September, 2018

09.00 – 15.30

University of Malta Valletta Campus

The Valletta 2018 Curatorial School is a one-week intensive programme featuring leading curators and experts from major international arts and academic institutions. The course includes daily lectures for the whole group and workshops for smaller groups of students. The theme for this year’s Curatorial School is ‘Social practices in contemporary art and curating’, which will focus on artistic and curatorial practices which engage directly with audiences or specific groups of people. Social practice art is typically collaborative, performative and interdisciplinary, bringing together various fields like ethnography, community arts, activism and experimental forms of curating. Presentations by individual speakers and workshops will deal with the following topics, amongst others:

  • How might the curator produce projects that include participatory elements and manifest in the museum over a period of time?
  • How can political involvement within and beyond institutions be formulated and staged with the aim to stimulate social change?
  • How can we build a collective understanding of a territory when territories are fractured?
  • How can curators activate and intervene in real-life contexts?
  • How can the curatorial account for multiple sites of contact?
  • How can art practice intersect with politics and activism meaningfully?

Further your curatorial career through insightful lectures and professional networking opportunities. The programme includes daily interactive workshops.


Lecture Programme: Guest Speakers

Paul O’Neill

Jeanne van Heeswijk

Michael Birchall

Nina Möntmann

Kelly Large

Alfredo Cramerotti


Workshops will be held daily and will also be followed up with visits to contemporary art galleries in Valletta. Participants are offered the opportunity to respond to tasks put forward by guest curators and receive extensive feedback on aspects of curating, researching, producing and presenting new ideas.

Workshop themes include:

  • Curating the social: participants, constituents and (new) publics
  • The Social, Humanitarian, Historical, Scientific as Art
  • What we have in common
  • Curatorial Politics and the Question of Serviceability
  • CURATORIAL PUBLICS: ESCAPING AND TWISTING AND TURNING Recent Turns in Curating, Education, and Public Art Practice
  • Training for the Not Yet.

The workshops are intended for small groups of students. Applicants must indicate their preferred workshops in the application form (in order of preference 1-3) and all students will be allocated one workshop (not necessarily first preference). Students attending workshops are expected to participate actively and present their own curatorial and artistic ideas.



To register, kindly apply by following this link:

The fee to attend the Curatorial School is €110. We are pleased to offer a discounted student rate of €60 for students currently enrolled in studies.

Registrations are open until the 21st of June 2018.

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