Curatorview [Alfredo Cramerotti]

Pure Water Vision: Acea EcoArt Contest 2010

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Contest deadline postponed to October 31st and nominated new curatorial team (Laura Cherubini, Eugenio Viola and Alfredo Cramerotti).

12 August 2010

Pure Water Vision: Acea EcoArt Contest 2010 is the international contemporary art contest created by the EcoArt Project cultural platform and sponsored by Acea. The contest will award the Acea EcoArt Prize 2010, consisting in an acquisitive prize for the value of € 10.000,00 to the winner artwork that will become part of the Acea collection, it will also publish the “EcoArt Book Two” catalog (see EcoArt Book One already online) with 30 selected artworks and organize an exhibition in Rome for 10 finalists.

The theme of Pure Water Vision: Acea EcoArt Contest 2010 requests artists to express their creativity to represent the relationship between water, man and the environment with relation to sustainable development of the planet. This reflection can also be extended to water pollution, water as source of life, water as source of renuable energy, process of desertification and emergency situations. All of which themes which simultaneously grip the planet and ask a series of burning social, anthropological, political and cultural questions.

The objective is to highlight little known aspects of the water cycle, to stimulate, through the universal and metaphorical language of art, a series of reflections on what lies behind the apparent simplicity of pure water and what happens before and after the distribution of this precious resource that flows from taps in our homes and through waterworks, sewers and water treatment facilities.

The contest is curated by Laura Cherubini, art critic, curator and teacher of Contemporary Art at the Fine Art Academy of Brera, Milan; Eugenio Viola, art critic and curator of the Project Room of Museum MADRE (Contemporary Art Museum DonnaREgina) of Naples; Alfredo Cramerotti, curator QUAD Derby, co-curator of the biennal Manifesta 8 and art critic.

Submissions are now open until october 31st. To participate go to at the Pure Water Vision box.

Finally, we present you with a preview of GAD – Green Art Database the new project of the EcoArt Project platform made possibile thanks to the support of our Sponsors Acea Group and Kaspersky Lab. GAD is the online global archive of the works coming from international competitions organized by EcoArt Project and of those of noted artists who follow our initiative exhibiting in our virtual galleries.Sustainable development and respect for the planet are the themes to which all the works present on GAD refer. GAD will be used to create communication and cultural marketing projects, exhibitions, events and online promotion for artists.

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