Curatorview [Alfredo Cramerotti]

nofound_ photoreviews during the week of photography in Paris

Posted in nEws and rEleases by Curatorview on November 9, 2011

DATE: Saturday 12th & Sunday 13th November 2011

TIME: from 9.30 AM to 1.00 PM


Photo-Festivals partnered with nofound_ photofair, the newly launched photo fair happening during the week of photography in Paris, to organise nofound_ photoreviews during the fair. For its first edition, nofound_ photoreviews celebrate the very dynamic British photography scene and introduce some of its key figures.
Photo-festivals selected reviewers according to their expertise, experience and broad knowledge in the field of Photography and Contemporary Art. We also acknowledge their innovative approaches and their commitment
to developing and advancing the work and practice of emerging and mid-career artists.

Alfredo Cramerotti (Intellect Books + Mostyn Gallery, UK), Anne Bourgeois-Vignon (Institute, USA), Bill Kouwenhoven (HotShoe Magazine, UK/Germany), Bjarne Bare & Behzad Farazollahi (MELK Gallery, Norway), Bridget Coacker (Troika Editions & Gallery, UK), Caroline Hancock (Independent Curator, France), Cristianne Rodrigues (FotoRio Photography Festival, Brazil), Grace Pattison (London Street Photo Festival + Shoot Experience, UK), Joni Karanka (Third Floor Gallery, UK), Laura Noble (Diemar/Noble Photography gallery, UK),
Louise Clements (Format International PhotoFestival + Quad, UK), Marc Feustel (eyecurious + Studio Equis, France), Michael Itkoff (Daylight Magazine, USA), Michele Vitucci (Micheko Gallery, Germany), Moritz Neumüller (PhotoIreland Festival of Photography, Spain/Ireland), Nathalie Hershdorfer (Alt.+ 1000 Festival de Photographie de Montagne, Switzerland), Oscar Poulsen (Independent Curator, Sweden), Philippe Jarrigeon & Sylvain Menétrey (Dorade Magazine, Switzerland), Ramón Reverté (Editorial RM, Mexico), Rui Prata (Encontros da Imagem + Museu da Imagem, Portugal), Sebastián Muñoa (Rea One Day Gallery, Argentina), Shauba Chang (Waterfall Magazine, UK/Taiwan), Sheyi Bankale (Next Level Magazine/Projects, UK), Stefano Bianchi (Crowdbooks, France), Tom Saunderson & Guy Robertson (Son Gallery, UK), Yasmina Reggad (Photo-Festivals + Paraty em Foco International Photography Festival, UK/Brazil)

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