Curatorview [Alfredo Cramerotti]

Giant Step 4 – Critical Regionalism: Eindhoven as a Common Ground

Posted in nEws and rEleases by Curatorview on November 2, 2012

Saturday 3rd November

16.30 – 17.00

Alfredo Cramerotti – Director MOSTYN – Closing Remarks on the Concept of Model

The Giant Step project aims to discover the place of institutions within contemporary culture. It involves two internationally established institutions, Van Abbemuseum and MOSTYN I Wales, and two that are less rigidly institutional, vessel (Italy) and Galeria Labirynt (Poland). The goal of the project is to establish what roles institutions can play in the cultural production of a specific area that responds to the needs of the area itself. This fourth and final workshop will be held at the Van Abbemuseum.

Alfredo Cramerotti’s “Closing Remarks on the Concept of Model” for Giant Step 4 will consider the Van Abbemuseum’s location in Eindhoven, in the North Brabant region of the Netherlands as the starting point of Giant Step 4: Critical Regionalism – Exploring the Gap Between the Local and the International.

Aiming to expose the diverse network of cultural producers working in the area, the conference will investigate the relationship between the local arts community and the international contemporary art museum.




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