Curatorview [Alfredo Cramerotti]

King’s College London – De/coding the Apocalypse: Events

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De/Coding the Apocalypse @ Cultural Institute King’s College London


Thursday 6 November, 20.15 – 21.00: Artist / Curator’s Talk – Michael Takeo Magruder / Alfredo Cramerotti

Wednesday 3 December, 14.00 – 17.00: A symposium with the artist, curator & academics behind ‘De/coding the Apocalypse’

King’s College London – De/coding the Apocalypse: Events

De/coding the Apocalypse is a new exhibition by artist Michael Takeo Magruder. It explores contemporary creative visions inspired by and based on the last book of the Bible – the Book of Revelation – investigating our enduring fascination with the Book, updating and interrogating both its positive and negative aspects.  The word ‘apocalypse’ originally indicated an ‘unveiling’, and the Book not only documents the destruction of the current world, but also maps out the creation of a new, better one. Using the latest in technology, from 3D printing to virtual reality, the show brings various elements to life in ways that are as playful as they are challenging.

Join artist Michael Takeo Magruder, curator Alfredo Cramerotti, lead academic Professor Ben Quash, and the four academic ‘readers’ of the Book of Revelation whose ideas informed the artist’s work in this adventurous exhibition for a talk and follow-up discussion on the guiding idea at the origin of the project, its process in the form of research, and its ultimately realisation as an exhibition. A truly inspiring conversation at the interface between academic research and artistic creativity.

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