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Alfredo Cramerotti & Fay Nicolson: DAI Thursday Service, 19 April 2012

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Alfredo Cramerotti & Fay Nicolson
DAI Dutch Art Institute: Re-reading Public Images.

Arnhem, The Netherlands.

DAI Thursday Service

Religious ‘services’ traditionally bring together local communities to consider shared beliefs and interests. They are lead by a ‘minister’, who writes and presents a short inspirational service focusing on a particular worthy theme, often relating to topical issues. They may include quotes, anecdotes, analogies, songs, rituals, iconography. In many ways the service format is similar to political party broadcasts, linking ideas of the community with communication and highlighting the role of the speaker and audience.

Alfredo Cramerotti & Fay Nicolson have invited DAI artists to organise a short non-religious service to their community that explores an idea or theme that is relevant or interesting to them.

The services will include written or found material, music, words, images, recordings; whatever is to hand in DAI or the studio, the internet, the community, and speak about what is on their mind!

Alfredo Cramerotti: Public Lecture @ DAI Dutch Art Institute MFA/ ArtEZ

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Dutch Art Institute
Kortestraat 27
6811 EP Arnhem
The Netherlands

Thursday March 24 2011, 19:30 – 21:00

Negotiating Equity presents a lecture by writer and curator Alfredo Cramerotti. Alfredo will introduce his book ‘Aesthetic Journalism’. In the book, he draws parallels between the artist-researcher and the investigative journalist. One aim in the book is to still employ fiction as a subversive but meaningful and effective agent of reality. By challenging the aesthetic dogma of what truth looks like, Aesthetic Journalism can tempt mainstream journalism to reconsider its approach.

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