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“I Told You So” Conference in Amsterdam, Friday 16th March 2012. Part of WE ARE THE TIME week-conference festival

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Friday March 16  
Curator Alfredo Cramerotti asks what the relationship between gossip and the history books is. Or between a general election and eternity.

In response Cathy Haynes explores the improbabilities of temporal cartography; Tai Shani presents ‘registers’ of representation and an over-identifying actress. Sally O’Reilly demonstrates the alien nature of historical speeches and Fay Nicolson digs up un-archived legacies of art education. The day ends with a final concert of the Chicago Boys While We Were Singing They Were Dreaming at the F.I.R.E.I.N.C.A.I.R.O. radio station (in the Rietveld Academie’s Glass Pavilion).

Life experience is always generated as the intersection between the personal rhythm of one’s life and the larger societal perspective. How do we position ourselves in time? How do we weave the historical moment into our life-narratives? From Tahrir Square to Occupy Wall Street – we are witnessing a worldwide desire for transition, but its direction is still open.This momentum belongs to the youngest generation of artists who will contribute to it with their work and shape it with the way they form fleeting communities. The network condition we live in, offers unprecedented possibilities to have simultaneous and multiple perspectives on events with social and historical significance. This implies a very different mode of historicizing, of writing down our memories. It is in this vortex of eventfulness we have to find ourselves again.

Framework & concept WE ARE THE TIME: Gabriëlle Schleijpen  in collaboration with Alena Alexandrova and Aneta Szylak, Grant Watson, Jorinde Seijdel, and Alfredo Cramerotti.

Production: Jort van der Laan, Anna Hoetjes (WORLD QUESTION CENTER REDUX)

Framework & concept SHADOW CABINETS:  Arnisa Zeqo, Laurie Cluitmans, Clare Butcher, Natasha Ginwala, Simon Ferdinando, Renee Ridgway, Taf Hassam and their respective student work groups

Production: Joris Lindhout

Communication design: Jakub Straka, Daiva Tubutyte

Rietveld Academie
Fred Roeskestraat 96
1076ED Amsterdam

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Alfredo Cramerotti: Public Lecture @ DAI Dutch Art Institute MFA/ ArtEZ

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Dutch Art Institute
Kortestraat 27
6811 EP Arnhem
The Netherlands

Thursday March 24 2011, 19:30 – 21:00

Negotiating Equity presents a lecture by writer and curator Alfredo Cramerotti. Alfredo will introduce his book ‘Aesthetic Journalism’. In the book, he draws parallels between the artist-researcher and the investigative journalist. One aim in the book is to still employ fiction as a subversive but meaningful and effective agent of reality. By challenging the aesthetic dogma of what truth looks like, Aesthetic Journalism can tempt mainstream journalism to reconsider its approach.

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