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Other Spaces: Jo Longhurst’s stunning shots of gymnasts are a joy to behold

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by James Cartwright, Monday 23 July 2012

jo longhurst’s hero

Jo Longhurst has a CV longer than my arm (which is long) that includes seemingly hundreds of group and solo shows across the world, reproductions in numerous books and even a cheeky PhD from the Royal College of Art. All of which leads us to believe she’s an incredibly talented woman and this suspicion is confirmed by the sheer beauty of her work and the meticulous attitude she takes towards her practice.

Her most recent body of photographs Other Spaces focusses its lens on the Heathrow Gymnastic Club and the World Artistic Gymnastics Championships, admiringly documenting the toned physiques and aerial prowess of the young gymnasts on display in an effort to “…explore the physical and emotional experiences of elite gymnasts through classic portraiture, appropriated photographs, performance and installation.” The resulting body of work is incredibly striking and delicately highlights the mental and physical conditioning experienced by these young athletes with incredible finesse.

Other Spaces is now open at MOSTYN, Llandudno, and runs till 30 September.

FIRST FIVE website playlist: Alfredo Cramerotti

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First-5:What are the first five websites you visit every day?
Published 11th July 2012

First Five asks artists, academics and theorists the first five websites that they visit each day. Do the websites we read shape, describe and identify who we are? How do we choose to visit these sites?

First Five is not a musical playlist, but a website playlist. It asks various thinkers, creative types, culturally important people, academics, and even Open CuRate It’s Boo Chapple to list their top browsing habits. It’s an interesting reflection of our changing culture, and a great place to find fantastic websites.

Alfredo Cramerotti is a writer, curator, editor and artist working across a variety of media such as TV, radio, publishing, internet, media festivals, photography, writing and exhibition curating. He directs Mostyn, Wales’ largest and leading contemporary art centre, co-directs AGM Culture, roaming curatorial agency and CPS Chamber of Public Secrets, media & art production unit (co-curator of Manifesta 8, the European Biennial of Contemporary Art, Region of Murcia, Spain, 2010). He is Research Scholar at the European Centre for Photography Research, University of Wales, Newport, Visiting Lecturer in various European Universities among others NTU Nottingham Trent University, University of Westminster, HEAD Geneva and DAI Dutch Arts Institute, and Editor of the Critical Photography book series by Intellect Books. His own publications include the book Aesthetic Journalism: How to inform without informing (2009) and Unmapping the City: Perspectives of Flatness (2010).


Here are Alfredo’s first five…


“Visually relevant”



“Critically valuable”



“Theoretically challenging”



“Curatorially intriguing (there are a number of people contributing to the blog, not only me)”



“Relationally oblique”


P.S. You can click on the images to go to the site…

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