Curatorview [Alfredo Cramerotti]

Giant Step 2 Conference, talk by Alfredo Cramerotti: Expanding (Almost) Everything

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Giant Step 2 (The Centre of the Periphery & The Periphery of the Centre)

21-23 September 2012

Hosted by MOSTYN, this conference looks at the role of institutions within contemporary culture. We bring together artists, curators, creative practitioners and others to discuss and debate how institutions or individuals stimulate and encourage the cultural dynamics of a location or society, particularly in areas with a less prominent critical audience.

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Expanding (Almost) Everything

Alfredo Cramerotti

Saturday 22 September 4pm

Alfredo Cramerotti provides an overview of issues and matters encountered at MOSTYN, linking to his previous curatorial experience and artistic/media practice.

Questions chaired by Emrys Williams, visual artist and lecturer based in Conwy.


Bedwyr Williams’ talk and performance & Symposium ‘With Humorous Intent’ @ MOSTYN

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Call for papers: ‘With Humorous Intent’

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Call for paper-based presentations, playful provocations and serious badinage to be included in a two-day symposium interrogating the deployment of humour within contemporary art practices.

2 – 4 March 2012
Mostyn, Llandudno, North Wales, UK

Organised by Lee Campbell, PhD researcher, in conjunction with Politicized Practice Research Group, Loughborough University School of the Arts in cooperation with Mostyn, Llandudno. To coincide with ‘Ha Ha Road’, Mostyn, 03 December 2011 – 11 March 2012.


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