Curatorview [Alfredo Cramerotti]

Penetration at Manifesta 8

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Penetration at Manifesta 8 / for Northern African artists only

Thierry Geoffroy / Colonel, Penetration Space
until 9 January 2011

San Anton Prison

A Penetration is the act of an artist placing an artwork within another artist’s existing exhibition.


At Manifesta Biennial Thierry Geoffroy / Colonel is opening his exhibition space for last minute Penetrations.

The Colonel’s Penetration space at Manifesta is reserved only to artists from Northern Africa having pertinent work about today.

The theme of the Manifesta Biennial is: “in dialogue with Northern Africa”


To be part of the Penetration, artists from Northern Africa can just come and install their work at San Anton Prison in Cataregna on any day that they have a pertinent art work. Every time they install a Penetration work they are kindly asked to send photographs of their installation to Thierry Geoffroy / Colonel so the blog can be updated and a catalogue created:

Thierry Geoffroy / Colonel has responded to the invitation to take part at Manifesta by the curators of CPS: Khaled Ramadan and Alfredo Cramerotti and is co-working with BIENNALIST

Thierry Geoffroy creates a debating format.

More info on this Penetration:

Penetration format

Thierry Geoffroy / Colonel:

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