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For the Love of Air Liquid

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acramerotti april exhibition

Opening exhibition 18th – 30th April 2018, Chamber of Public Secrets’ new media art production and exhibition space, Media Art Research Center (MARC), Antalya

Fernissage 18th April 2018 at 17:00 – 19:00
Artists: Ferhat Ozgur,  Stefano Cagol, Ursula Biemann, Oliver Ressler, Khaled Ramadan and Hanna Ljungh
Curated by Khaled Ramadan and Alfredo Cramerotti


For the love of air liquid
Water’s impact on human happiness

I his book, Blue Mind, biologist Wallace J. Nichols published the surprising science showing how being near, in, on, or under water can make us happier, healthier, more connected and better at what we do.
Nichols analyzes the emotional, behavioral, psychological and physical connections that keep humans so mesmerized by water. He studies seas and oceans, lakes and rivers, and even swimming pools, and urges people to get closer to water if they wish to change their neurological, psychological and emotional experiences. Nichols draws on science, art, and narrative, as well as plenty of experience, to explain his blue mind in detail. Not just what it is, but how we can enter into this state, and, perhaps most importantly, why we should do so.

In order to know why water is one of our sources of happiness, or even a source of misery, we need to observe and analyze a very complex social science in conjunction with natural science: human relation to nature and the natural.
When we intend to shape nature, it changes and influences our living conditions. Due to this out-of-balance climatological interrelationship several vital elements of our survival are being affected. Water is becoming scarcer in some parts of the world while in other parts people suffer from the extra quantities of water falling from the sky or pumping from underneath.

In the scenarios of the world’s water bodies, only 3 percent of the water on the earth’s surface is fresh and drinkable, while 97 percent of the water is salty. The 3 percent fresh water is shared amongst the billions of the world’s population. Water shortage will soon hit cities and towns across the world, and the problem is increasing as populations are increasing. Industrialization and pollution are causing damage, and the greenhouse effect is having a negative impact, which leads to climate change that directly affects water sources. In an increasingly crowded and congested world, water supply has become scarcer and more contaminated.

Waste from industries and human settlements in most underdeveloped countries are drained into rivers and seas, leading to dying oceans. A good example of this is the Mediterranean Sea. Another example is one of Asia’s longest rivers, the Mekong River, where thousands of people have settled by the riverbank. The same analogy can be applied to the Nile River in Africa and to other rivers across the world. Lakes, rivers, seas and oceans used to be a source of human happiness and prosperity, but mass contamination, overfishing, and water scarcity have reduced many of them to transportation highways.

The exhibition,For the Love of Air Liquid, presents an opportunity to address the issue of water in a time of a crashing climate. The works of the invited artists examine our fascination with the water scene in detail. They are dedicated to helping us understand and enjoy a selection of contemporary art that provides inspiration and knowledge.

Khaled Ramadan and Alfredo Cramerotti

More information here.

Le Maldive a Venezia. Cronaca di un debutto – interview [Italian]

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5 Luglio 2013

di Francesca Di Giorgio

Biennale Updates: cronache dall’effimero per la prima volta del Padiglione Maldive in Laguna

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30 May 2013

by Francesco Sala


Alle otto del mattino non c’è nessuno lungo Riva di Ca’ di Dio. Pochi temerari in tenuta da jogging, i ragazzini che si trascinano a scuola, un paio di turisti. E poi un blocco di ghiaccio. Sbarca dal Canale dell’Arsenale, trascinato a forza di muletto; prende a sciogliersi, inesorabile, una goccia alla volta. È il monolite con cui Stefano Cagol significa la sua partecipazione alla Biennale di Venezia, ospite di quel Padiglione Maldive che ha trovato casa –alla sua prima volta in Laguna –in uno stabile semi-abbandonato in viale Garibaldi. Verrà il giorno in cui le Maldive non si saranno più, sommerse un centimetro alla volta dall’innalzamento del livello degli oceani; la raccolta messa insieme dal collettivo CPS – Chambers of Public Secrets indugia sul titanico precariato di una terra in crisi di identità, storica piattaforma tra Oriente e Occidente che esorcizza nell’arte la sua eutanasia.

Aggressività post-espressionista per The Disappearance di Wael Darwesh, che colpisce sulla tela con antica disperazione; gli fa da controcanto l’installazione di Patrizio Travagli, tetris di superfici specchianti che illudono e alludono in una straniante frammentazione dello spazio visivo. Inevitabili i riferimenti allo tsunami, che ha portato il suo carico di brutalità anche alle Maldive: sul tema arriva l’installazione di Thierry Geoffroy, mentre a ragionare su una ricostruzione più o meno possibile sono Christoph Draeger ed Heidrun Holzfeind.

Maldives Pavilion Opening, Wednesday May 29th 2013, at 1:00pm

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Island Nations Seize the Venice Biennale Spotlight to Decry Climate Change

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Blouin Artinfo


by Kate Deimling

Island Nations Seize the Venice Biennale Spotlight to Decry Climate Change | Blouin Artinfo_Page_1Island Nations Seize the Venice Biennale Spotlight to Decry Climate Change | Blouin Artinfo_Page_2

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‘Expanding Everything’ video trailer @ MUSEION & University of Bolzano/Bozen

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Expanding Everything

Khaled Ramadan / Alfredo Cramerotti


Freie Universität Bozen, Universitätsplatz 1, Bozen, Hörsaal C 2.06, 20.00 Uhr

(In Italian and in English language)

The session will revolve around the idea of expanding curatorial and artistic activities beyond the environment of art. In particular, it will look into the possibility of creating other ‘spaces’, however risky and limited in time and scope, in order to challenge the ‘safe’ fencing of artistic practices within the (global) art circuit, and will present a number of cases in which CPS pushed these boundaries.

CPS Chamber of Public secrets is an independent production and curatorial unit which since 2004 adopts mass communication methodology within/through art, at the same time sparking critical debate around ideas of aesthetic journalism, expanded photography, re/presentation, political fictions and other issues. Khaled Ramadan and Alfredo Cramerotti are the two leading exponents of CPS.

Alfredo Cramerotti is a writer, curator and artist based in the UK. He is Director at MOSTYN art gallery (Wales). His cultural practice explores the relationship between reality and representation across a variety of media and collaborations such as tV, radio, publishing, internet, media festivals, photography, writing and exhibition curating. He is Research Scholar at the European Centre for Photography Research, University of Wales, Newport, Visiting Lecturer in various European Universities and Editor of the Critical Photography book series by Intellect Books. His own publications include the book Aesthetic Journalism: How to inform without informing (2009) and Unmapping the City: Perspectives of Flatness (2010).
Khaled Ramadan is an archivist, curator and cultural writer, documentary film- maker. Ramadan is born in Beirut, he lives and works in northern Europe and the Middle east. His fields of specialties are the history of alternative aesthetics and constructed media, experimental documentary and media research. Ramadan has published several scientific documentaries, theoretical texts and books, the latest was about the changing Egyptian political scene.

Museion link here

IBRAAZ PUBLISHING LAUNCH (feat. CPS Chamber of Public Secrets)

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SKUG: Manifesta 8 Review

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SKUG / artfile

January 2011

by Roland Schöny

(in German)

Hollands Diep magazine: Manifesta 8 review

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Hollands Diep Magazine


by Irene de Waal, Dirk-Jan Arensman and Rianne van Dijck

(in Dutch)

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