Curatorview [Alfredo Cramerotti]

Hyperimage: Towards a Theory of Expanded Photography – paper presentation at UCL conference

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Image courtesy: Jeff Guess

Photography in Academic Research international conference at UCL Heritage Studies, in collaboration with RAI (Royal Anthropological Institute) and Birkbeck, Department of Politics, London, UK, 8-9 Sept 2016

ALFREDO CRAMEROTTI (MOSTYN and eCPR European Centre for Photography Research, University of South Wales) presents a paper on Hyperimage: Towards a Theory of Expanded Photography

Friday 9 September 12:30, Room B10

We are all implicated in photography whether we like it or not. Whether we associate this visual language with a precise function or use it to shape ourselves as individuals and communities, we trade our existence in images. We refer to images and image-making in social, political and cultural act.

The established categories in which photography was once subdivided, practiced, understood and discussed have been reconfigured. It’s as though our society has freed image-making from previously articulated specific applications, blurring the boundaries between genres and functions, and rendering the photographic image as a free-floating subject on its own, detached from any relation specific to its origins; what we may term as “hyperimage’.




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