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Contemporary Perspectives on Digital Image Making: Lecture at University of South Wales, Cardiff

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Lecture for MA Documentary Photography and PhD Courses

Faculty of Creative Industries, University of South Wales.

Thursday 7 May 2020, 2pm

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Image: Martine Syms

Presentation on contemporary perspectives on digital image making, part of the body of research “The Hypermage: A Curatorial Approach on Expanded Photography”.

Hyperimage: Towards a Theory of Expanded Photography – paper presentation at UCL conference

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Image courtesy: Jeff Guess

Photography in Academic Research international conference at UCL Heritage Studies, in collaboration with RAI (Royal Anthropological Institute) and Birkbeck, Department of Politics, London, UK, 8-9 Sept 2016

ALFREDO CRAMEROTTI (MOSTYN and eCPR European Centre for Photography Research, University of South Wales) presents a paper on Hyperimage: Towards a Theory of Expanded Photography

Friday 9 September 12:30, Room B10

We are all implicated in photography whether we like it or not. Whether we associate this visual language with a precise function or use it to shape ourselves as individuals and communities, we trade our existence in images. We refer to images and image-making in social, political and cultural act.

The established categories in which photography was once subdivided, practiced, understood and discussed have been reconfigured. It’s as though our society has freed image-making from previously articulated specific applications, blurring the boundaries between genres and functions, and rendering the photographic image as a free-floating subject on its own, detached from any relation specific to its origins; what we may term as “hyperimage’.




‘Expanding Everything’ video trailer @ MUSEION & University of Bolzano/Bozen

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Expanding Everything

Khaled Ramadan / Alfredo Cramerotti


Freie Universität Bozen, Universitätsplatz 1, Bozen, Hörsaal C 2.06, 20.00 Uhr

(In Italian and in English language)

The session will revolve around the idea of expanding curatorial and artistic activities beyond the environment of art. In particular, it will look into the possibility of creating other ‘spaces’, however risky and limited in time and scope, in order to challenge the ‘safe’ fencing of artistic practices within the (global) art circuit, and will present a number of cases in which CPS pushed these boundaries.

CPS Chamber of Public secrets is an independent production and curatorial unit which since 2004 adopts mass communication methodology within/through art, at the same time sparking critical debate around ideas of aesthetic journalism, expanded photography, re/presentation, political fictions and other issues. Khaled Ramadan and Alfredo Cramerotti are the two leading exponents of CPS.

Alfredo Cramerotti is a writer, curator and artist based in the UK. He is Director at MOSTYN art gallery (Wales). His cultural practice explores the relationship between reality and representation across a variety of media and collaborations such as tV, radio, publishing, internet, media festivals, photography, writing and exhibition curating. He is Research Scholar at the European Centre for Photography Research, University of Wales, Newport, Visiting Lecturer in various European Universities and Editor of the Critical Photography book series by Intellect Books. His own publications include the book Aesthetic Journalism: How to inform without informing (2009) and Unmapping the City: Perspectives of Flatness (2010).
Khaled Ramadan is an archivist, curator and cultural writer, documentary film- maker. Ramadan is born in Beirut, he lives and works in northern Europe and the Middle east. His fields of specialties are the history of alternative aesthetics and constructed media, experimental documentary and media research. Ramadan has published several scientific documentaries, theoretical texts and books, the latest was about the changing Egyptian political scene.

Museion link here

La verità dell’esperienza, corto saggio su Artribune e Digimag [Italian]

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Artribune, martedì, 6 settembre 2011

Digimag, numero 66, luglio-agosto 2011

[image: Michael Wolf, ‘A Series of Unfortunate Events]
La verità dell’esperienza
Annotazioni sulla fotografia espansa. Ovvero, Alfredo Cramerotti riflette su come la fotografia non sia più né un genere né suddivisibile in generi. Ben di più: è un “alfabeto”, un “archivio”. Anzi, la vita stessa, oramai.

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