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The Guardian’s Adrian Searle gives his verdict on the best of the Venice Biennale

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The Guardian

3 June 2013

by Adrian Searle


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Bedwyr Williams and The Starry Messenger

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In the Studio: Bedwyr Williams, Painter

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The Independent [Radar]

by Karen Wright

4 May 2013


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Wales in Venice: “Bedwyr Williams one of the artists of the moment”

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a-n Magazine

16 Oct 2012

by Stephen Palmer

The countdown to Wales in Venice/Cymru yn Fenis at next year’s 55th Venice Biennale of Art notched up a gear during a preview for Bedwyr William’s new show Dear Both at Ceri Hand Gallery in London.

The opening was attended by the artist along with Wales in Venice curators Alfredo Cramerotti, Director of MOSTYN, and Amanda Farr, Director of Oriel Davies Gallery, as well as David Alston, Director of Arts at Arts Council of Wales, which is supporting the project.

The artist introduced his presentation for Wales in Venice via a performance titled The Astronomer that took the audience – who were asked to imagine themselves as moles – on a journey from the gallery to the house and garden of an amateur astronomer in Suffolk.

Williams said: “The performance introduces parts of the work, but I’m not giving too much away! [The work for Venice] is going to be quite site specific. In the performance I mentioned astronomy and the telescope – which although not invented there was first premiered in Venice – and terrazzo flooring, which was invented in Venice and through its pattern might be seen to reflect the structure of the universe; it’s also something I noticed at the former convent (Ludoteca Santa Maria Ausiliatrice) where the show will be held. The performance was quite humorous, but probably the work for Venice isn’t going to be that funny.”

Williams, who is based in Caernarfon, North Wales is best known for his comedic and poetic live performances and installations that deal with Welshness, otherness and difference. In the past he has assumed different personas in his work – a one-eyed preacher, a Grimm Reaper and Count Pollen.

Curator Amanda Farr said: “Bedwyr truly epitomizes that very rare being – an artist whose vision and clarity of thought forces us to look at the world differently. I can think of no better artist at this moment and of our particular time to represent Wales at the Venice Biennale.”

Alfredo Cramerotti added: “Bedwyr is one of the artists of the moment – not only of Wales, but of the UK art scene as a whole.”

Farr went on to discuss the importance of Wales in Venice for artists and audiences: “Since first taking part in the Venice Biennale in 2003, to my mind Wales’ presentation has always been a game changer in terms of the effect it’s had upon the contemporary visual arts in the country. I believe that it has been an important catalyst for a vital strengthening and growth in confidence for artists, curators and audiences, and almost a coming of age for Welsh contemporary art.

“The ‘collateral exhibitions’ – of which Wales in Venice is part – present an increasingly distinctive and edgy presence at the Biennale, which frequently trumps the official national pavilions at the Giardini.”

Williams’ exhibition at Ceri Hand Gallery features sculpture, video and sound installations and drawing. While the downstairs gallery space is inhabited by a series of works that feature customised garden furniture – a shell encrusted barbecue, a plastic patio set riddled with drilled holes, and a giant black parasol – upstairs there are works that reflect on what it is to be an artist including Research Fellow, an institutional looking door with attached name plaque, and Artist/Artist, a sound work that questions the public’s perception of the artist.

Dear Both continues at Ceri Hand Gallery Project Space, London until 3 November.

Wales in Venice/Cymru yn Fenis at the 55th Venice Biennale of Art will open in June 2013.

Bedwyr William: Dear Both & Wales In Venice 2013

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As recently posted it by Margaret_ London, who have been appointed to run the PR campaign for Wales in Venice / Cymru yn Fenis at the 55th Venice Biennale in 2013,  the very excellent Bedwyr Williams will be representing Wales in 2013, curated by MOSTYN and Orield Davies Gallery.

Things kick-off next week with the opening of his exhibition Dear Both, at Ceri Hand Gallery in Covent Garden, coinciding with Frieze London.

Dear Both includes new sculpture, film, drawings and photographs by the artist, and follows his recent show at IKON Gallery in Birmingham. It’s a great opportunity to see his work and join his ever-growing fanbase, before the big Venice show next year. Drawing on his own experiences, Williams uses humour to reveal both his and our own complex neurosis and idiosyncrasies, with this show offering an investigation into individual and cultural mythology and identity.

Interview with Alfredo Cramerotti: Wales in Venice 2013

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AMA Art Media Agency Newsletter N.59

by Tanja Schreiner

Interview with Alfredo Cramerotti: Wales in Venice 2013

The artist Bedwyr Williams will represent Wales on 55th Venice Biennale in 2013. Alfredo Cramerotti, Director of MOSTYN | Wales contemporary art centre and Amanda Farr from Oriel Davies Gallery will curate the project together.

Art Media Agency spoke to Alfredo Cramerotti, writer, curator, editor, artist, and since September 2011 Director of MOSTYN. The latter is the largest publicly funded contemporary art institution in Wales and renown as a flagship for art in the whole UK.

Read here

Cramerotti / Farr/ Williams @ Wales in Venice 2013

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WALES IN VENICE 2013 newsletter

04 July 2012

We are happy to learn that Wooloo collaborator Alfredo Cramerotti will be curating the pavilion of Wales at the 55th Venice Biennale in 2013 together with curator Amanda Farr.

37 year old artist Bedwyr Williams will be representing Wales at the Biennale.

Cramerotti & Wales in Venice 2013 (newspapers articles) / Cramerotti e il Padiglione del Galles alla Biennale di Venezia 2013 (articoli giornali)

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by / di Mariella Rossi


Corriere del Trentino

Friday 22 June / venerdi’ 22 giugno 2012


L’Adige newspaper

Sunday 24 June / domenica 24 giugno 2012


Alfredo Cramerotti curerà il padiglione del Galles alla Biennale d’Arte del 2013.

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24 June 2012

Text by Mariella Rossi

(Italian only)

È ufficiale: Alfredo Cramerotti, classe 1967, sarà il curatore del padiglione gallese alla prossima Biennale d’Arte di Venezia. Ed è ufficiale, concedetecelo, anche che Artribune porta buono, e comunque ci azzecca sempre: era accaduto per Vincenzo de Bellis alla direzione di MiArt, accade ora con Cramerotti, che noi davamo per favorito nell’incarico già un paio di settimane fa.

Da un anno è il direttore del centro d’arte contemporanea più importante del Galles – il Mostyn –, e lo abbiamo raggiunto telefonicamente nella città dove vive e dove si trova il centro che dirige: Llandudno. Non ha avuto dubbi la commissione dell’Art Council of Wales, che ha decretato la sua proposta (con Amanda Farr della Oriel Davies Gallery, presentando un progetto di Bedwyr Williams) vincitrice del concorso indetto per il padiglione a Venezia (“Qui si fa così: viene lanciata una open call per trovare il curatore”, spiega). Facile capire subito anche come fuori dall’Italia sia possibile farsi valere per il proprio merito, malgrado lui neghi di essere scappato definitivamente: “Tornerei anche in Italia, se ci fosse una buona occasione”.
L’ha portato fuori dall’Italia la continua sensazione di incompletezza, una necessità di continuare a imparare. Ha lasciato Trento per la prima volta per frequentare in Toscana la facoltà di architettura. Non l’ha finita, ma ha aperto una galleria: “In tre anni ho fatto cinquantaquattro mostre, secondo un ritmo intensissimo, quasi folle, che riuscivo a tenere solo perché ero giovane”, scherza. Del resto l’arte è nel suo DNA, visto che il fratello è pittore.
Lui stesso ama definirsi artista, piuttosto che curatore, perché “quando fai un lavoro curatoriale, approfondisci una ricerca e la presenti al pubblico in modo discorsivo, anche questo è fare arte”. E a Londra è giunto come artista in residenza al Florence Trust Studio, poi la sua eclettica formazione è passata nel 2000 per Berlino, per un master universitario triennale di “arte nel contesto”, poi studi critico-teorici a Malmö in Svezia. “Vivevo a Copenhagen, dove lavoravo anche in TV. A Berlino lavoravo in radio: mi è sempre piaciuto avere un piede nell’arte e uno altrove, ad esempio nei media o nel commercio”. Nel 2008 è a Derby, incaricato di inaugurare come curatore capo un nuovo spazio espositivo: il QUAD. Il resto è storia nota: “Non posso anticipare nulla per contratto –, oppone alle domande sulla Biennale -. La mostra di Bedwyr Williams sarà un percorso attraverso stanze diverse all’interno della Ludoteca tra i Giardini e l’Arsenale. Qui lo spettatore sarà coinvolto in una sfida della percezione fisica di quanto lo circonda”.


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