Curatorview [Alfredo Cramerotti]

Press coverage highlights for MOSTYN’s extended exhibition season November 2020 – June 2021: Hannah Quinlan and Rosie Hastings, Nick Hornby, Richard Wathen + online commissions by Local 37/LUMIN, Queer Is Not a Label, and My Online Bedroom digital exhibition

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Art X UK Government Art Collection Release 31 May 2021

Vogue Singapore 4 May 2021

Wales Arts Review 29 March 2021

by Amy Briscoe

MADE IN BED Magazine 12 March 2021

by Federico Raffa

WhiteWall Magazine 11 March 2021

The Arts Club 18 February 2021

Citizens of Humanity 11 February 2021

Sculpture Magazine print 10 February 2021

Art Monthly, 1 February 2021

by Alexander Massouras

Studio International Magazine 26 January 2021

by Anna McNay

Sculpture Magazine online 19 January 2021

SOHO House Magazine 28 December 2020

by Osman Can Yerebakan

Designed by Woulfe 14 December 2020

Something Curated 9 December 2020

by Keshav Anand

Country and Town House Magazine 1 December 2020

LAMPOON Magazine 27 November 2020

by Glesni Trefor Williams

ICA Daily 24 November 2020

by Steven Cairns

FAD Magazine 10 November 2020

by Mark Westall

Slimi Magazine 10 November 2020

BBC Radio London 10 November 2020

Press coverage for MOSTYN June-August 2020 – general interest, MycoTV and Montez Press Radio digital programmes

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Listing of Montez Press Radio on Art Monthly, published 1 June 2020:

Listing of MycoTV on, published 15 June 2020:

and, published 15 June 2020:

A series of online talks, workshops, readings and film, using the concept of ‘SlowTV’ as a starting point and featuring critical reflections on the current socio-political climate:

Feature on The Guardian, published 8 July 2020:

(passage of interview with Alfredo Cramerotti here below:)

Feature in the North Wales Pioneer on MOSTYN re-opening after lockdown, published 27 July 2020:

Feature on The Art Fund Newsletter, published 5 August 2020.

Your guide to museums and galleries by the sea:

Short interview with Alfredo Cramerotti on BBC Radio Wales Art Show, that aired Friday 15 August 2020.

Available at: (from 1:10mins)

Feature on The Telegraph, with quote from an interview with Alfredo Cramerotti, published 21 August 2020:

Press coverage for MOSTYN’s exhibitions: Camille Blatrix + Women’s Art Society II + Thomas Goddard

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25 July, 07 August, 29 August, 12 September, 19 September 2015 (pick of the week)








Reviews of Fernando Garcia-Dory’s exhibition in MOSTYN on Art Monthly & Daily Post

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Art Monthy

November 2012

by Chris Fite-Wassilak


Daily Post

November 2012

Andrew Forgrave

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