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Frieze London 2022 DB Lounge: Shezad Dawood in conversation with Alfredo Cramerotti

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Thursday 13 October 2022, 5:00pm DB Lounge Frieze London

ICOM UK 2022 Working Internationally Conference: Cynefin – Museum Practice for Future Generations

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7 – 8 April 2022, 13:00 – 17:00 GMT each day, online

Cynefin (ku-nev-in), the evocative Welsh word, describes our relationship to the environment in which we live.  The 2022 Working Internationally Conference connects pioneering museum practice from Wales and across the UK with international museums on the local and global challenges of climate change, ageing and bridging community divides.

Over two afternoons, the online conference explores successful and award-winning museum projects designed to build better for future generations.  UK and international museum professionals will discuss how museum practice can lead and contribute to the needs of future generations.

Sessions topics include:

  • Climate Change
  • Agents of Change
  • Bridging Communities
  • ICOM UK Grant Programmes
  • New thinking around museum programming for people living with dementia
  • Career challenges facing Students and Early Career Professionals in 2022
  • Word of Mouth: Telling stories of identity in indigenous language
  • Museum Practices and Refugees

Click HERE to view the full conference programme and session descriptions.

Booking is now open via Eventbrite.  ICOM UK, ICOM, NMDC and Welsh Federation members receive a 50% discount on tickets.  Tickets start at £10 and there is an unlimited ticket option for institutional members of ICOM UK, NMDC and the Welsh Federation, which enables an unlimited number of staff to attend the online conference for £100.

The 2022 Working Internationally Conference is organised by ICOM UK in partnership with the National Museum Directors’ Council, the Federation of Museums & Art Galleries of Wales, with support from the British Council and Barker Langham.  This conference is part funded by Welsh Government.

Curating and Social Change: Talks and workshops by Alfredo Cramerotti at British Council Hong Kong and Connecting Spaces / University of Zurich Hong Kong

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  • Wednesday 29 March 2017, 10am

BRITISH COUNCIL Arts & Creative Industries Team

Boardroom, 7F, British Council, 3 Supreme Court Road, Admiralty, Hong Kong

Alfredo Cramerotti will give a presentation of MOSTYN’s artistic programme approach for / as social change, and of other relevant curatorial projects. Examples include co-curating the Maldives Pavilion at the 55th Venice Biennial, 2015 (centred on climate change, sustainable development and the anthropocene concept applied to everyday life), and co-curating Manifesta 8 the European contemporary art biennial, Region of Murcia, Spain, 2010 (centred on artistic production through mass media outlets i.e. TV, radio, Internet, newspapers, in order to facilitate a ‘perception shift’ of what and how art can occupy different types of space and effect social impact / change).

  • Wednesday 29 March 2017, 3pm

Connecting Space Hong Kong / Zurich University of the Arts, Postgraduate Programme in Curating / Bootes Ltd

Fort Street 18-20, Wah Kin Mansion, North Point, Hong Kong

Alfredo Cramerotti will give a presentation of MOSTYN’s institutional approach for curating at the International Curatorial Workshop “Curating and Social Change” organised by the University of Zurich in partnership with Connecting Space Hong Kong, Bootes Ltd, and the Postgraduate Programme in Curating, Center of Further Education, Zurich University of the Arts. The talk will focus on the work done in MOSTYN for the audience development initiative – the History Series.  The starting point was an exploration of the connections between contemporary art and the history of the building and of the town of Llandudno; turning the usual curatorial process of creating exhibitions on its head, MOSTYN invited its audience to actively provide their stories behind the former uses of the building and its changing status over the course of the 20th Century. The aim of the project was not to come out with exhibitions and educational programmes that were “good for them” but to actually listen to the local environment and then create exhibitions and learning activities with in-built social relevance through the work of contemporary artists.

The overall focus of the visit to Hong Kong is on how arts can create social impact / social change, using findings and insights gathered from meetings the local institutions and their relevant counterparts:
– Mapping the current curatorial practices in the UK compared to what one can observe from meetings and visits in Hong Kong
– Opportunities and challenges in Hong Kong in relation to applying contemporary arts to achieve social change / impact
– Evaluation, Measurement and Impact role when making arts and / or sustain social change / impact , both in the UK and in Hong Kong.

The Book Is Out! PAVILION OF MALDIVES at the 55. International Art Exhibition – la Biennale di Venezia

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55. International Art Exhibition – la Biennale di Venezia

Portable Nation: Disappearance as Work in Progress – Approaches to Ecological Romanticism


The book ‘Portable Nation: Disappearance as Work in Progress – Approaches to Ecological Romanticism’ offers a range of geo-political positions and research-curatorial methodologies on climate change and their approaches to ecological romanticism.

It expands on several of the themes which emerged conceptually and artistically in the Maldives Pavilion exhibition and six-month-long public programme, and elaborates them in a philosophical, historical, scientific and poetic register within the specific materiality of a book, with its capacity to extend the time, space and context of the ideas beyond the Venice Biennale. It aims to engage a readership further-reaching than the project’s immediate public.

The publication is structured in three main sections: the artists and their projects presented in the Maldives Pavilion, the parallel projects over the six-month period, and the critical text section which includes interviews and thematic analysis. Featuring essays on the geopolitics of climate change and the idea of urgency, the book offers a comprehensive snapshot of the aesthetic, political and poetic dimensions of the situation in the island nation intertwined with a global vision of the climate emergency around the world.

Editors: Dorian Batycka, Camilla Boemio, Alfredo Cramerotti and Aida Eltoire for the 55th International Art Exhibition, la Biennale di Venezia – Maldives Pavilion

Publisher: Maretti Editore
Year: 2014
Pages: 176
Language: English

More about the book at Maretti Editore:

Island Nations Seize the Venice Biennale Spotlight to Decry Climate Change

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Blouin Artinfo


by Kate Deimling

Island Nations Seize the Venice Biennale Spotlight to Decry Climate Change | Blouin Artinfo_Page_1Island Nations Seize the Venice Biennale Spotlight to Decry Climate Change | Blouin Artinfo_Page_2

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