Curatorview [Alfredo Cramerotti]

Interview: Stefanos Tsivopoulos at Manifesta8

Posted in shortEssays/cortiSaggi [English/Italian] by Curatorview on January 2, 2011

Short interview to Stefanos Tsivopoulos on his work ‘Amnesialand’ shown at the Casino Society in Cartagena. Footage and interview by Davis Berg and Henna Hyvärinen.

Produced by the Finnish Academy of Fine Arts and CPS Chamber of Public Secrets.

On Tsivolopolus’s work:

” In fact one of the most effective works, Amnesialand by Stefanos Tsivopolous, was devised in response to a site not previously used for contemporary art exhibition – the Casino in Cartagena. This was one of a relatively small number of works in ‘¿The Rest is History?’ to fulfil the potential of aesthetic journalism, as theorised by Cramerotti, through its fusion of fictional and documentary modes of address. In addition, while numerous contributions to Manifesta 8 employed a self-consciously ‘archival’ mode of display, Amnesialand was one of the few video installations to make effective use of – and clearly acknowledge – already existing archives. ”

[Aesthetic Journalism in Practice: Manifesta 8 and the Chamber of Public Secrets by Maeve Connolly, variant 39/40 Winter 2010]

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